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 Pimento has partnered with the French Association of Barmen (ABF). Bartenders love Pimento because its chilli pepper acts as a real flavour enhancer in mixed drinks.


It is arguably the most versatile mixer there is - not only perfect with a wide range of spirits including gin, vodka, rum, tequila, brandy, Armagnac, whisky, bourbon, calvados, Jägermeister, Chartreuse, cachaça, absinthe and sake, but also with beer and champagne.


As a result many mixologists spice up their cocktails with Pimento and have become real brand ambassadors of the drink.


Tasted neat in blind tests with competing products, Pimento wins time after time.


To taste Pimento is to love it!



With rum


Rhum Fashioned

 Guillaume Colin, Little Havana (Lille, France) 

 Direct in a glass:

- 2 dash bitter Angostura

- 4cl Pimento

- 1 cc brown sugar

Crush. Then add:

- Ice cubess

- 6cl Zacapa rum 23 years

- Orange zest   


Pimento Storm

Helena Tiare Olsen, Mountain of Crushed Ice (Stockholm)

- 6 cl dark Jamaican rum

- 1.5 cl fresh lime juice

- Shake all ingredients except Pimento, strain and top with Pimento, serve with cracked ice in a rocks glass

- Garnish with a wedge of lime


With vodka


Pepperoncino Mule (12cl)

Clément Basset, Purple Bar (Paris)

- Ketel One Vodka

- Strawberry juice

- Lime

- Top with Pimento


Diablo 2

Guillaume Colin, Little Havana (Lille, France)

Direct in a glass:

- 1.5cl lime

- 2cl Muroise or baies rouges liquor Giffard premium

- 6cl Grey Goose vodka

- Mix with a spoon

- Add ice cubes

- Top with Pimento



 Green Globe-Trotter (14cl) 

Clément Basset, Purple Bar (Paris)

  - Apple juice

- Ginger juice

- Fresh mint

- Cucumber

- Salad homemade syrup

- Top with Pimento  


Virgin Pimento Mojito

François Fayard (Huitième Monde)

- 6 mint leaves

- 2 lime segments squeezed

- Fill with crushed ice

- Add 15cl apple juice

- Top with Pimento


Raspberry Pimento

Marie Corbasson (Terres de Cocktails)

 Direct in a glass: 

- ½ lime cut in 6 parts

- 1 small spoon of brown sugar

- 10 fresh raspberries (or puree)

- Crush with a pestle, then fill half the glass of crushed ice

- Add 5cl Pimento and top with crushed ice


Pink Hot Pants

Peter Kotynkowiecz, Alte Post Leoben (Austria)

- 12.5cl Pimento on the rocks

- 12.5cl sparkling water

- 1cl pink grapefruit Monin syrup

- A dash of pink grapefruit Caraibos



Peter Kotynkowiecz, Alte Post Leoben (Austria)

- Carrot juice + fizzy apple juice & Pimento


- Red beetroot juice + fizzy apple juice & Pimento

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